Project Management

Allure Global approaches all projects with disciplined, proven methodologies leveraging the vast retail and marketing experience of our team. Our approach allows us to provide front-line resources or supplement a client staffed team with the needed counsel and leadership.

Software Enhancement & Development Services

Allure Global consists of a fully integrated software development and quality engineering team. Our team has approximately 180 years of experience in the entertainment, retail and transaction related markets. This experience allows for consistent delivery of high-quality, scalable, and stable products.

Software Support & Maintenance Services

Allure Global is committed to continuing its investment in product maintenance as well as support services, including a veteran in-house support & maintenance team with experience concentrating in theatre exhibition and retail. We are equipped to provide 1st level or escalated support services based on client requirements.

Hardware Procurement and Installation Services

Through our experience and partnerships with 3rd party hardware providers, Allure Global is able to recommend, source and install hardware based upon our client needs. Allure Global is able to offer value added pricing via volume discounts and additional integration and testing that comes from our hardware partnerships.

Content Creative Services

Allure Global has an in-house studio of creative talent that has significant design, animation and digital media experience. This group has been creating dynamic digital signage for over 8 years. We understand customer purchase behavior and are able to create designs that are not only attractive but that also increase sales over their static counterparts.

Qualitative and Quantitative Research Analysis

The Allure Global digital media solution has proven to increase sales in a food service environment. Allure Global offers independent third party analysis to its clients for quantitative data and qualitative research to provide a total solution based upon measureable results.