New Products

Digital Fountain Display

The Allure Global Digital Fountain Display enables digital media at the point of purchase. Now your fountain drink dispensers can showcase high-impact, motion graphics for products, promotions, limited-time offers and more.
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Digital Menu Boards

Digital Menu Boards technology can help you improve sales immediately, reduce costs, enhance the guest experience and earn new sources of revenue.
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Enterprise POS Solution for Cinema

The Enterprise POS Solution for Cinema has been designed specifically for the needs of theatres. This enterprise solution is an open and scalable platform which provides tremendous reliability and security (including PCI compliance). Utilizing current technical and industry standards, this solution allows for maximum flexibility through its platform, OS independence, and simple integration to third-party applications.

Enterprise Box Office Ticketing Solution

The Box Office Solution for POS, Back Office and Corporate Office allows for complete POS ticketing and site / corporate ticketing management. A comprehensive API using web services supports integration with third parties such as internet ticketing, HVAC/Lighting systems, booking systems and signage solutions.

Concession POS and Inventory Solution

The Enterprise Concession POS and Inventory solution allows clients to tender transactions and track inventory at the site and corporate office and integrates to the AGS HQ solution.

Data Collection Tool

The Data Collection Tool was developed to allow for real time communication of sales and feature data on a configurable basis (i.e. by hour, day, etc…).

Building Controls Interface (HVAC/Lighting)

The Building Controls Interface solution processes real-time sales and schedule information to manage and communicate to specific HVAC and lighting control systems.