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Digital Fountain Display

The Allure Global Digital Fountain Display enables digital media at the point of purchase. Now your fountain drink dispensers can showcase high-impact, motion graphics for products, promotions, limited-time offers and more.
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Digital Menu Boards

Digital Menu Boards technology can help you improve sales immediately, reduce costs, enhance the guest experience and earn new sources of revenue.
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Digital Movie Posters™

Take your movie merchandising into the next century with the exciting and flexible digital movie posters provided by Allure Global Solutions, Inc.

Allure’s Digital Movie Posters™ allows you to display full color, digitally animated, high-resolution posters that draw attention and entertain. The stunning visual effects capture the attention of guests in the lobby, box office or in other strategic spots throughout the theatre. The Allure Digital Movie Posters™ brings new releases and coming attractions to life with the ability to cross-sell concessions or other theatre services.

The visual appeal of moving images is a proven attention grabber that enhances the customer experience while offering compelling promotional information to consumers.

Easy to use:

With Allure’s enterprise network service, our web based content management and scheduling software seamlessly delivers regularly updated Digital Movie Poster™ content directly to your display screens.


  • Generate excitement for current films and encourage incremental visits
  • Increase awareness of upcoming films with higher recognition and greater recall
  • Promote multiple movies from each digital display unit
  • Enhance the theatre ambiance with “WOW” graphics and animations
  • Bring customers back to concessions with appetite appeal messages
  • Inform visitors about gift certificates, theatre rentals and special events
  • Add customized local content and promotions as needed