New Products

Digital Fountain Display

The Allure Global Digital Fountain Display enables digital media at the point of purchase. Now your fountain drink dispensers can showcase high-impact, motion graphics for products, promotions, limited-time offers and more.
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Digital Menu Boards

Digital Menu Boards technology can help you improve sales immediately, reduce costs, enhance the guest experience and earn new sources of revenue.
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Digital Box Office (DigiBox™)

Make your Box Office glow with Animated Movie Posters displaying movie times and ratings,all digitally enhanced and dynamically tied to your existing POS system with this new and exciting Allure Digital Box Office (DigiBox™) solutions.

Easy to use:

Allure’s Digital Box Office (DigiBox™) allows you to display fully Animated Digital Movie Posters™ with movie times and ratings in full color. By integrating with your POS, Allure’s Digital Box Office (DigiBox™) can dynamically change your movie products and movie times. This stunning new product is not only visually appealing to your ticket buyers, but can be easily managed and updated from an interface from your site or anywhere you have an internet connection. This new solution from Allure Global Solutions can enhance revenues and make your ticket selling operations much more efficient.


  • POS Interface with Real-Time Show Information
  • Animated Movie Posters
  • Web-based Marketing and Advertising Capabilities
  • Clear “SOLD OUT” and “CANCELLED” Notifications
  • Scalable from Single to Multi-screen Implementations
  • Integrates with Digital Auditorium Signage™
  • Movie Title, Show Time and Rating are prominently displayed