Coke considers Allure Global a “Marketing Innovation” and Allure Global software and content has appeared in their domestic and international trade show booths. Allure Global ’s dynamic digital menu boards for SAM Film just received Coke’s Global Best Practices Award for 2007.

Allure Global partners with Christie Digital for many large scale installations especially for the theatre industry. Christie's relationship with circuit owners, as well as their knowledge of the theatre locations and various technical specifications have proven to be extremely beneficial.

Allure Global Solutions has partnered with Gilbarco to integrate marketing messages and advertising from the gasoline pump to digital signage inside the convenience store.


Allure Global Solutions has partnered with IBM Global Business Solutions for seven years. Installations include McDonalds Restaurants and Kohl’s Department Stores.


Allure Global Solutions has partnered with NCR for client hardware initiatives as well as self-order kiosk opportunities.


Allure Global partners with Magenta Research, a leader in the adaptive distribution and switching of audio/visual signals over Cat5 cable. The partnership includes combining marketing and sales efforts in applicable industry trade shows, product showroom demonstrations and many mutual client applications.       


Rentrak is a partner with Allure Global as Allure Global provides data on theatre industry to Rentrak to be used for industry-wide purposes.